The project was in collaboration with Joseph CaponRemy Knopf, and Jessica Leung.

The pitch was simple, and yet at the same time, endlessly complex. We were told to produce the branding and awareness campaign for a revolutionary new (fictional) television product. We were inspired quite a bit by Apple's iconic Think Different campaign, but wanted to utilize more broad and universal truths of humanity. 

Out of Home:

There will be a tent set up in Times Square made out of Aptus screen material. The outside surface will either play Aptus' promotional art film or glow one of the colors of Aptus branding. People will be invited to enter the tent in small groups and create their own immersive viewing experience. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to document the unique experience they've created and share to image-based social media.

For this Instagram page, people would be invited to share pictures of the Aptus experience they created at the Times Square location, via the hashtags #Aptus or #rethinkwhatyouknow.